Adult Orthodontics

Are you concerned that over the years your teeth have become more crowded, or regret not having had your teeth straightened when you were younger?

Due to recent advances in treatment we are now able to offer solutions to many orthodontic problems that are very appealing to most adults. You may also be surprised that these treatments are often quick (lasting months not years) and comparatively much cheaper than imagined.  Discrete clear braces are extremely popular and barely noticeable.

We have extensive experience in utilizing the latest available techniques in adult orthodontics and over the years have achieved very successful outcomes for our patients.

Align, Bleach and Bond – a refreshingly different approach to Cosmetic Dentistry.

In recent years many cosmetic treatments required fairly invasive tooth preparation, however due to advances in cosmetic dentistry this approach has become less applicable in order to achieve a desired aesthetic outcome.

Align, Bleach and Bond (ABB) offers a conservative approach to create a fabulous smile makeover.

Teeth are firstly aligned by wearing a removable Inman Aligner or clear brace this could be followed by whitening, which may be done simultaneously and finally where necessary any cosmetic bonding may be done to ensure the edges are perfect.

It is extremely rewarding for us to see people, who would otherwise have had very invasive and costly treatment, become thrilled by their new smiles.

Benefits of this Approach

  • Preserve your natural teeth – so no drilling and injections needed!
  • Value for Money – much less than fixed orthodontics or a traditional Smile Make Over
  • Quick Results – often completed within 12-16 weeks
  • Flexibility – the appliances are not fixed so are very easy to remove when needed

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