Cosmetic and Reconstructive Dentistry

Due to recent advances in dental materials and techniques we are able to offer highly aesthetic solutions to many of your dental problems.

Some of our treatments that may be of benefit to you include:

Tooth Whitening

Over the years teeth often tend to discolour- whether due to food, beverages, tobacco or even antibiotic staining. So whether you want a brilliantly white smile or to just avoid the inevitable staining and dulling of your natural tooth colour over time, we are able to offer you an effective solution.

Tooth whitening is simple, safe and effective and offers the quickest solution to improving your smile. We are able to offer both in surgery and home whitening options.

Solutions for Snoring

Snoring has been estimated to affect up to 45% of the adult population and sleep related disorders have profound effects upon the quality of sleep to both the person snoring and their partner.
Studies have shown that a lack of sleep caused by snoring has wide reaching effects which may include the following:

  • daytime sleepiness
  • a lack of energy and lethargy
  • poor motivation
  • higher stress levels due to fatigue

We are trained to assist in diagnosing your condition and are able to offer a cost effective and long term snoring treatment that could transform your quality of life.

Treatment for Teeth Grinding, Clenching and Headaches

These are very common conditions and at some point affects up to 80% of the population. The symptoms are not always easily diagnosed and are often overlooked. Most people assume that their tired facial muscles and headaches are a medical problem and never mention these ailments to the dentist.
Signs and symptoms are varied and may range from:

  • excessive tooth wear and flattening of teeth edges
  • fracturing of teeth and fillings
  • jaw joint pains
  • migraines and headaches

To this end we are able to offer effective treatments tailored to your needs ranging from simple restorations to prevent further tooth wear, to complete makeovers to ensure your bite remains stable and your smile is restored.

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